Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Jack-o-Lantern Face Painting

When Halloween approaches, you know that face painting season is kicking into high gear. Try these easy, but immensely child-pleasing Halloween "cheek art" designs at class parties, fall festivals and homecoming carnivals.

Begin with good quality, water-based face paints. You can find them online or in some theatrical stores. A palette of six, good-quality face paints is priced around $12.00 and includes enough paint for 70 or more cheek art designs. Water-based face paints apply as easily as watercolors and remove cleanly with a paper towel and water.

For a small gathering of children, two or three small to medium sized paint brushes will be sufficient. A bowl of water to rinse the brushes and a roll of paper towels conclude the list of basic supplies.

In my opinion, the simplest design to paint is that of a ghost. The basic shape of the ghost is that of a triangle. With a brush loaded with white paint, paint a loose triangle by creating a wavy line to outline the ghost. Fill in with more white paint, dot on black eyes and a smile and the ghost is complete.

Nothing is "sweeter" than a face dotted with painted candy corn. The basic shape is a pyramid, with yellow on the bottom third, orange on the middle third and white at the peak. You can create a candy corn crown by painting the candies in succession along the forehead.

To paint a jack-o-lantern, begin with a circle or oval of orange paint. When the orange paint dries, add small triangles in black paint for the eyes and nose and paint a toothy smile in black as well. Add a green stem and your jack-o-lantern is complete.

The most important thing to remember when face painting is to have fun and keep it simple! Children aren't expecting a Picasso to be painted on their face. They simply love to celebrate the occasion and face painting is the perfect way to light up the face of any child.

JoAnne Westcott is the author of the downloadable e-book, Easy Face Painting: How You Can Get Professional Results Even If You've Never Picked Up A Paintbrush. You can learn more about face painting and how to acquire the simple skills to get started by visiting http://www.easyfacepainting.com

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Remember the days when you didn't buy your kids Halloween costumes? Instead, Moms (or kids) would make the costumes! Usually it would be something simple like a ghost or a hobo, and the kids were satisfied with that. If you had a mom who had a little time and some sewing skills, sometimes they'd be more elaborate. I remember one year our mom made my older brother a hot dog costume! The year before that, he was a Christmas Tree!

These days though, our children are much more demanding. They want to be the latest super hero, or a character in a movie they just saw. It's a little much for mom to make at home. Sometimes they even want multiple costumes, so they don't have to show up at different parties in the same costume. Store bought costumes though, are not only expensive for one night of wear, but they lack imagination and creativity. More and more people seem to be going back to wearing homemade costumes. The more creative, the better!

There are many benefits to making your own costume. For one, it's normally a lot cheaper than buying a costume. A lot of times, you can use stuff you've already got laying around the house. Making your costume requires some imagination and creativity, things a lot of kids these days are missing out on. It's something that kids and parents can do together, and time together is something else we don't get a lot of. Homemade costumes are better for contests too! People are more impressed with something you made yourself, and kids are more proud to wear it.

All you have to do to find some great homemade costume ideas is to look around your own home. Do you have sweatshirts and sweatpants? That's half of a costume right there! There's lots of things you can do depending on what color they are. Are they white? Add some spots and become a Dalmation. With some wings and a halo you're an angel! If your clothes are green, find an old headband and hot glue some "petals" onto it cut out from fun foam. It's a flower! A brown outfit and and you can be a dog, or my personal favorite, a clothesline! My family has won contests with that one! All you need is two people, matching sweats, some rope, and some funny underwear to hang on it!

Some other great ideas you can do with stuff you already have is a tired housewife/mom costume, or a hobo, or a gypsy. You can just throw together a bunch of remnants from Halloweens past and just be "Halloween". Whatever you do, it's bound to be a hit with a little effort and imagination. You may just have the best costume out there! Happy Halloween!

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